Time for the fall time trial test

On Saturday October 4th, we will have the time trial test (friendly competition) for the fall. It will be on a 5 mile loop with little traffic that will be ridden 1 or 2 times, depending on your aspirations and if you have any upcoming events.

We will meet at the Rockville metro at 8.30am, and ride from there. The weather looks nice, but a little cool, so bring appropriate clothing.

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Strong RCTC showing at Nations Tri

Race report from Head coach Frank Byskov about last weekends olympic distance race in the middle of Washington DC:

On a beautiful morning in downtown Washington DC, several thousand triathletes gathered for the race. Unfortunately, the swim was cancelled due to contamination of the river, so the race started with a short sprint from the swim exit to the transition. This is my strongest event, so not the best start to the day. But nothing to do about it, but to refocus on putting in a strong effort on the bike and run instead.

The bike course was rolling, but fast, although it was crowded at times with a few bottlenecks along the way. I have never seen so many people having flat tires, even though the roads looked in decent condition. Without the swim first, there was every opportunity to go fast on the other two legs if the race. I did a fastest ever split on the bike, averaging a bit over 25mph.

Getting off the bike into T2, unfortunately my left leg was numb, so almost fell off the bike. However, within 25 meters it was fine, and then off to the run.

It was a flat run course, so went for a fast split. I did a season best with just over 39 minutes, and feeling pretty good. There was a lot of support along the route, so it was a nice experience.

Overall, I finished 9th, only a couple of minutes from the very top. If the swim had been there, I would likely have improved several spots! Too bad, but it was still a great racing experience, and nice to see that I have added a bit more speed on top of the endurance.

Also racing for RCTC was Damon B, who had a good race, finishing with his best ever running performance.

The race was well organized, well marked courses, and a good post race experience. However, I will probably not do the race again due to the high risk of the swim being cancelled.  It has happened several times in the 9 year history of the race, and is a bit of a downer for all the people that have prepared for the full triathlon experience.

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Fall practice schedule now in effect

Now is the time, if you want to do a race this fall, or want to get back in shape after the beach.

The fall practice schedule is now in effect, and we have added an extra swim session each week compared to the summer schedule. 

You are always welcome to stop by for a trial, and see what we are all about.

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Patrick on the podium

In just his third triathlon, Patrick Gelbach finished third overall at the 2014 Fawn Lake Sprint. He had a solid start to the race, and the fastest run split of the day helped propel him up the final standings.
Next up, Patrick will be competing for the triathlon team at UVA.
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Coach Byskov tops the Ft. Richie Olympic triathlon

Frank Byskov managed to win the hilly, but beautiful, Ft. Richie triathlon on the Olympic distance.

View More: http://hypnoticimagery.pass.us/fort-ritchie-triathlon-and-duathlon

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Two podium finishes at Colonial Beach

#RockCreekTriClub takes two podium finishes at #ColonialBeachSprint2014. Frank Byskov placed second overall, while Damon Baldini took the runner up in the Clydesdale division.

Damon and Frank awards

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